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We are an all-volunteer group organized in 2002 for the purpose of supporting the Dwight R. Chamberlain Raptor Rehabilitation Center and the lake property at Hardy Lake in Scott County Indiana. The donations we collect go toward rehabilitating and eventual release of raptors back into the wild. The center also cares for permanently injured Hawks, Owls, Falcons, and a bald Eagle. The birds are used as educational ambassadors throughout Indiana. They are taken to organizations such as schools, nursing homes, and civic groups. We are the only state owned raptor hospital. The state furnishes the building, utilities, and pays our Naturalist, but all other costs such as veterinary bills, medical supplies, food, and equipment is covered by our work AND YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS. Thank you for supporting the Friends of Hardy Lake & The Dwight Chamberlin Raptor Center.

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Imagine it now, You, walking with your family, and out of nowhere, a stranger inquires about your awesome T-shirt. You look down to realize this awesome Raptor is staring down your would be compliment giver. Now you're asking yourself, why didn't I buy two?

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It's odd. these radial icons do not have hotlinks attached to them. That annoys me, so i'll track it down later and see if i can change that.

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Also, how does the Icon Service this theme uses NOT have a T-shirt icon? That just seems silly. Also, might just replace the icons with image tags, then this could be used as "Featured Items" for the store, or something like that.

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