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Each of the raptors shown on this page have been found in Indiana. Click on the individual images to find out more about that particular species.

Red Tail Hawk
Red Tail Hawks, often called chicken hawks, are very common in Indiana.
Cooper's Hawk
A Cooper’s hawk can actually fly very fast through a crowded forest as it hunts.
Sharp Shinned Hawk
Sharp Shinned Hawks are often mistaken for Cooper’s Hawks, but they are smaller.
Rough Legged Hawk
Rough Legged Hawks may be all dark, but still with pale wing feathers and white at base of tail.










Merlins are small falcons, but they were called “Lady Hawks” in medieval times because noble women used them to hunt.
Missippi Kite
The Mississippi Kite is a small hawk with long, narrow pointed wings.
Northern Goshawk
The Northern Goshawk is the largest North American bird in the genus accipiter.
You can find Ospreys around water.











Northern Harrier
Northern Harriers fly low over the ground when hunting, weaving back and forth over fields and marshes as they watch and listen for small animals.
Red Shouldered Hawk
Red-shouldered Hawks soar over forests or perch on tree branches or utility wires.
Bald Eagle
In 1989 there were no Bald Eagles in Indiana. Today, they are off the state’s endangered list.
The American Kestrel is our smallest falcon, and most colorful.












Snowy owl
This largest North American owl by weight. It spends winters in the arctic.
Short eared owl
Short-eared Owl populations declined by 67% percent per year between 1966 and 2010
saw whet owl
A tiny owl with a catlike face and bright yellow eyes
Turkey Vulture
These birds ride thermals in the sky and use their keen sense of smell to find fresh carcasses.



Many of the images on this page are available by permission from Marty Jones and are his copyrighted images.  Mr. Jones’ site

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